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Barbie’s Bibical Blunders

Well folks we came home and we started talking about the latest posting (Barbie Meets Cain).  I mentioned how there was a free e-book on the Kobo site that was a children’s Bible (for the record the kid’s Bibles are written in today’s English unlike the actual Bible) and Barbie went and got the actual children’s Bible she had on her bookshelf.

As she was flipping through the book she started asking me where she would find certain stories like Cain and Abel and Noah’s flood.  While we were flipping through Barbie came across a story called “On The Borders of Canaan”.  This is where it got good.

“Hey look.  The borders of Canaan (but she pronounced it like K’naan the rapper).”

“Um, that’s Canaan”

At this moment she started singing “Hey Ya”.  I looked at her and before I even said anything Barbie went “This isn’t K’naan is it?”

“Nope, Outkast”

“Oh well”, and she went back to singing Outkast.

If one wants to hear K’naan then click here



Comments on: "Barbie’s Bibical Blunders" (2)

  1. These stories are like a bad car crash – hard to comprehend how they could happen, but i’ll be damned if i turn away.

  2. […] And lastly confusing K’nann with Outkast can be found here […]

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