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I have to be honest considering I haven’t heard of most bands after 1992, it is a little rich for me to call Barbie musically challenged but what the heck…she is!!!  As the regular readers might remember when Barbie confused Abba with Blondie and Outkast with Kanaan, click here, we had another classic music confusion last week.

Young Alexander tends to sneer his lip very akin to Billy Idol at times.  So during one of these moments I mentioned how he looks very much like Billy Idol and Barbie laughed and agreed.  So while I slaughtered the words to Rebel Yell with my angelic singing, or catlike screeching, Barbie had little Alexander’s arm pumping like Billy Idol’s does in the video.

When I finished singing the course of “More, More, More”, and in all honestly stopped singing all together due to not knowing the words after that, Barbie chimed in with her own song.

“School’s out for summer…”

I cocked my head sideways rather confused and queried “Alice Cooper?!?!?!?”

“Um, I thought that was Billy Idol”

“No, that’s Alice Cooper.  Maybe you meant ‘Its a nice day for a white wedding’ or ‘Here she comes now singing mony, mony’?

“Uh, yeah that is what I meant”

However, I could tell by the look in her eye she was really singing “Hey Ya” by Outkast

2 billy idol alice cooper outkast 2


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