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The other day Barbie and I were sitting watching TV, well let’s be honest with a 7 month old in the house we really only watch two things – Baby Einstein DVDs and the toddler channel Treehouse.  So in watching one of these DVDs there was a rainbow showing up on-screen and I had a flashback to my days of music class in grade school.

Without missing a beat my memory banks pulled out the words for the song “I Can Sing A Rainbow”.  So, in my very best attempt to not totally butcher the song, I began singing:

“Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue, I can sing a rainbow…”

At this moment I was cut off by Barbie.  Not because I was committing auditory murder to a song that is 58 years old but because I “apparently” had the wrong lyrics.

“You  mixed the colours up.  It goes red, yellow, purple and blue, pink, orange and green.”

I paused for a half-second and then looked at Barbie and said “Um, no.  It ends it blue.  I had it right”

“It can’t end in blue.  Blue doesn’t make sense, it has to end with green”, was the retort from Barbie.

This went on for about 2 or 3 minutes with the verdict being we had to ask an intellectual authority figure.  Barbie emailed her mom while I went to the internet.  The results were that Barbie’s mom wasn’t sure what the order of colours were but according to the internet I was right as proven by this video



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