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Adventures of Barbie’s Friend Christie and the Lost Keys

For those unaware Christie is the name of the first black Barbie doll that was released by Mattel (I had to look that up).  The other day as I was in my apartment building moving stuff out I came off the elevator with my cart and saw a lady coming to the door.  Thinking I was doing the right thing, I opened the door for her so she wouldn’t have to waste time playing with the fob lock (those stupid grey plastic things) and she could just get right into the elevator before it left the parking level.

Christie, as we will call her from here on, scrambled through the door and put her arm up to block the elevator door from closing as she was awaiting her husband who was parking his car.  No sooner than she had placed her arm up the cruel lords of fate decided to get their mischief-maker Murphy and his dumb laws involved.  Poor Christie dropped her keys and they took one bounce and then went kerplunk down the gap between the elevator and the floor.

Standing aghast she just looked at me and went ‘How am I to get those back?’
So I said that maintenance should be able to get them and the office was still open.  However, still somewhat shocked at this twist of cruelty, Christie decided to wait for her husband and explain to him.

I wished her luck and went on my way.  When I told this story to Barbie she sheepishly admitted that this is one of her biggest fears and could completely see herself doing this.



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