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Baking Disaster Turned Good

About 7 or 8 years ago, our dear Barbie had a near baking disaster.  During her first years at her job there was a baking event and she had agreed to take part.  At the time she was still living with her dad and therefore shared the house with a few folks and having the left hand didn’t always know what the right hand was doing.

So Barbie turned the oven on to pre-heat it for cookies and muffins that she was going to make for the bake sale.  Well, it seems that during the baby shower that was hosted at the house the week previous had some left over items.  It turns out that in the oven, due to a lack of cupboard space, Barbie’s step-mom had placed a package of styrofoam cups.  Unbeknownst to Barbie these cups were sitting on a pan in the oven while she was getting her ingredients ready.

A few minutes later Barbie had her prep work done and was ready to bake like Betty Crocker.  She opened the oven door to get ready to place her cookie trays and muffin pans in and what should befall her eyes?  Yes, there were the styrofoam cups had been baked and shrunk – sort of like the head on that guy at the end of Beetlejuice (see photos below).

Fast forward to today.  Barbie’s place of employment had a tree for which they were encouraged to bring decorations to hang on it.  There was going to be a prize for the best ornament on the tree.  This weekend, while assembling our own Christmas tree, Barbie found her shrunken cups.  She decided that she would take her cups into work and hang them on the tree.  Today she was awarded the prize for best decoration.  Who would have known that doing a ‘Barbie’ would come out to be a benefit.



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