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Engineering Barbie and the Camping Gear

This blog started out as the adventures of one particular person who we nicknamed Barbie and whom, on occasion, did or said silly things that made you slap your forehead.  Well, first we expanded to stories of a family friend that we nicknamed British Barbie.  Then we had the Barbie-in-training story and now, courtesy of my workplace, we have Engineering Barbie.

Today while walking through the corridors of work to go and get beverages for our afternoon break the two co-workers who were with me started talking about an upcoming camping trip.  During this discussion it was bandied around on who was bringing what.  I, somewhat jokingly, said to my male colleague that all he needed to bring was beer.  Engineering Barbie then told me that wasn’t allowed because you can’t bring glass onto the campsite.  So, not to be out done, I said “that’s fine, they sell beer in cans too”.
“No, you can’t bring cans either.  No glass, no cans are allowed.  You must bring it in a non-throw-away-able container”

I have to admit I stood there gobsmacked and said “Did you just say non-throw-away-able?”

Sheepishly she admitted that she had.  I then asked “Don’t you mean re-usable or non-disposable?”

Again she sheepishly admitted that was exactly what she meant but couldn’t think of the word.  And then in a moment of defiance she said “Well, I’m tired and not thinking straight.  That’s why I’m going for coffee”



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