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The Smiths

A few weeks ago we were watching TV and an odd conversation about names came about and how they were related to the trade or service a person worked at.

As we went about it the name Smith came up:

“Yeah Smith was for those who were blacksmiths”, I said.

“And candlesmiths”, Barbie added.

“Candlesmiths?” I asked.

“Yeah.  You know the butcher, the baker and the candlesmith maker.”

At that moment the light bulb in Barbie’s head went off as she realized it just didn’t sound right.

“Candlesmith?  You mean candlestick maker don’t you?” I asked her.

“Um, aren’t they also a smith?” she asked hoping for a lifeline here.

“Nope.  Although next time I play Clue I will call for Professor Plum in the Billiard Room with a candlesmith.”

No wonder I get the couch a lot.

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