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Kens shouldn’t exercise

I love that I have very interactive readers.  The other day I was approached by a lady I work with about a brilliant “Barbie Fails” style screw up from a conference she was at.  While at this conference my associate, who we shall call Julie (since no one gets their real name used lol), was working out in the fitness room of the hotel she was staying at.

In the middle of Julie’s workout she heard a male voice burst out in what could be described as unexpected shock and awe…and not in a good manner.  Quickly turning her head Julie managed to catch the tail end of a man being shot off the treadmill and another man sitting on his arse quickly apologizing.  According to Julie this was the lay out of what occurred:

I was working out getting ready for the upcoming boating season when I heard this guy make a sound that was almost a yelp.  When I turned around I watched this guy fly off the treadmill and another guy sitting on his butt and repeatedly saying “I’m sorry”.  The guy sitting down got up and went over to the guy who just flew off the treadmill and asked him if was ok.  Once it was determined that there were no injuries he started apologizing and stating “I have never had something like this happen to me before”.
I stopped my work out and started paying attention to what was going.  Apparently the one guy was working out on an exercise ball and the ball shot out from underneath him.  Somehow the ball got stuck under the treadmill and basically locked up the treadmill from working.  Due to the ball wedging under the treadmill the other guy was shot off and the two of them were trying to sort out how it happened and how they were ever going to get the ball out from its wedged location.  I starting snickering and had to bail on my work out before I burst into a full-blown laughter and further embarrassed the two guys.



Barbie Drops In

On Monday, while at work, Barbie had a bit of a gymnastics moment but not quite at the ’10’ level of a Mary Lou Retton or Nadia Comaneci.  As Barbie was walking down one of the aisles at work, and past a full meeting room, she managed to get the tip of her shoe trapped into the cuff of her pants.  Unable to stop the physical momentum that was driving her forward, Barbie would wind up going into a full somersault and finishing it in a cross-legged position while sitting on her butt inside the conference room.

Without missing a beat Barbie looked up at the stunned attendees as she said “Hi, how is everyone?  I thought I’d drop in and check on you.”

She would get up, brush herself off and walk out.  The folks having the meeting were still somewhat dumbstruck as they witnessed the entire incident from the start since the meeting room’s walls were made of glass and they could see everything that was happening in the office area.


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