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Barbie and the Escalator of Doom

This one is from an email I sent out back near the end of September when Barbie almost met her impending doom on an escalator…well, ok doom might be a little overkill but it was hilarious regardless.

It was a calm Tuesday morning in downtown Metropolis when our dear friend, Miss Barbie, decided to add some excitement to the day in a manner that only she could.  Upon leaving the concourse of Metro Hall our fine heroine embarked on her journey up the escalator.  However her laptop roller bag had other ideas.  Since Barbie hadn’t paid full attention to the positioning of her bag, which is always about 8 inches over hanging on the right side, she entered the escalator while almost brushing up against the right side rail…this is how it began.  The bag, overhanging as normal, caught onto the framework of the escalator and prevented it from moving.  Barbie, unaware of this, was jerked backwards a little and proceeded to run down the escalator, which was moving up by the way, reminiscent to that of a treadmill while trying to unhook the bag from its captor.  After 5 seconds of this amusing sight, another rider getting ready to ride the escalator unhooked the bag to allow Barbie to finish her trip to work and experience new adventures.

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