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Male Barbie’s Can’t Work Loading Dock Doors

Yesterday when I was at work I bumped into a co-worker after making my lunch trip to Tim Horton’s for a cup of tea.  Fred, as we will call him, was coming off the elevator that goes from the loading dock to the basement where my machine shop is located.  Since most of my team was at a mandatory safety training seminar I was somewhat shocked to see Fred.

“Aren’t you doing the safety thing today?”

“No, I signed up for the next session coming up” he replied.  “Um, do you know if SPD (our shipping area) has keys to open the loading dock doors?”

“They might.  Why?”

“I can’t get it to open up.  The other door is open but is occupied with a delivery and the truck I’m trying to receive is in the other one.”

I was a little confused by all this since I have never seen the loading dock have the garage doors locked during day time hours.

“Really?  Let’s go see if I can fix you up”

So we got into the elevator and rode up to the loading docks.  As we walked over to the dock’s doors it was just as he described: one open and one closed.  We approached the closed-door and Fred went to open it up.

“See”, he said.  “It won’t open.”

I watched as Fred hit the button a few more times and I instantly knew his problem.  Fred had been hitting the wrong button.  Instead of hitting the Open button, which would raise the door up, he was hitting the Up button which lifts the tailgate so that you can unload skids from the trucks.  I quickly pointed this out to Fred and after sensing his embarrassment I said it would be our secret…until now haha.

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Chinese Barbie definitely needs remedial stroller training

This morning I went with a co-worker to a small little restaurant near my work called Pestos (University and Elm in Toronto).  Generally we head over there whenever we are looking for something for breakfast since I can get a toasted western and tea for under $5, which is awesome in Toronto were a Ritz Cracker can go for a bar of gold.

While we were leaving we saw a Chinese lady pushing a baby stroller toward the main entrance of the office building that Pestos is part of.  As she approached the entrance we never paid much attention until we heard the cries of dismay behind us.  We turned around to see what was going on and what caught our eye was somewhat alarming.  The lady was stuck inside the revolving door with her stroller in the quartered section ahead of her and no longer moving.  It seems the wheels got stuck while making the rotation and thus locking the mother, or sitter, was stuck.

Frantically the woman was pushing on the door in both directions trying to catch a break of good fortune and have the doors rotate in either direction.  As we started walking back another lady had come up to the door and witnessed the debacle.  She went over one of the two doors that opened up as a normal door would and walked into the building.  From there she removed the stroller and let the lady get herself out of her self-created prison.

I have to be absolutely honest that I started laughing once the whole thing was done.  To me, and to many I know, it would seem common sense to use one of the regular doors when pushing a baby stroller…or I’m giving humanity way too much credit for intelligence.


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