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First Day Of Christmas Break

Happy New Years Readers.  As a closing out of 2011 I am going to tell the story of poor Barbie’s first day of her Christmas vacation this year.

On Monday, last week, Barbie started her annual two-week sabbatical from her job.  Barbie’s little dog has recently been diagnosed with a partial ACL tear in her rear leg and to try to minimize the stress to the injury Barbie decided to carry her dog down the steps.  As she was making her way down the stairs Barbie pulled a Barbie.  She slipped and went down the last couple of steps bruising her forearm on the banister railing and on the steps she bruised her bum.  The dog was fine however. Click here for a link to a hilarious video of other people falling too 😀

After kicking the day off to such a bang, Barbie went out to her bank to do some transactions.  Upon leaving the bank she noticed a big, black garbage bag in the middle of parking lot.  After reversing, and now having the bag in a blind spot, Barbie got ready to head home.  Having cleared the bag, or so she thought, Barbie placed the car in drive and proceeded to leave the parking lot.  However, she didn’t clear the bag at all.  Barbie’s front wheels hit the garbage bag, and luckily for her, all that was in it was styrofoam chip used for packing boxes.  With the explosion of the chips Barbie’s car was now covered in a protective layer of foam chips.

That night, while at figure skating, Barbie wiped out doing a jump and during the rotation landed completely wrong.  Upon landing she bruised up her leg quite nicely, or quite sorely if you take her perspective, and thus proving that bad things do happen in sets of three.



Barbie’s trip to Bizarro World

Well folks I have to apologise for the lack of activity but to be truthfully honest my blog’s inspiration has been rather hazard free…until last week 😀

In case I haven’t mentioned our Barbie likes to figure skate and this past week it was getting ready for the figure skating that started a chain reaction of events that created the material for this posting.

Barbie packed her skating gear into her bag and prepared  to leave for practice.  As she went to the car, she loaded her bags into the back seat and closed the car door.  Barbie then got into the car and got ready to leave with keys in hand, reached out to grab the steering wheel


realised she had entered the car on the passenger side of the car.
After skating Barbie came home, in one piece thankfully (despite getting her foot caught in the bottom of her pants) and got changed out of her skating gear.  At this moment Barbie realised that she had been wearing her underwear inside out all day.  This lead to quite the exasperated comment of ‘Oh Lord.  What is going on in my head today.’

At this moment, the trifecta of bizarro world errors occurred.  Barbie pulled on her pyjama shorts, and sure enough, she put them on backwards.
This lead the ultimate sigh of defeat and the admission of ‘Good God, I just can’t get anything right today’

So to keep score here:

1. Entered the car to drive but sat in the passenger side
2. Had underwear on inside out all day
3. Put on pyjama pants backwards

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