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Barbie and the Original Freudian Slip

As promised here is the original story of Barbie and her Freudian slip of calling the Reese’s Pieces candy Reese’s Penis (thanks to a friend who was there for the story):

Barbie, Philip (my son who was about 13) and I went to Vaughan Mills for a day of shopping.

One of our stops was the Rocky Mountain Chocolate store.

At the back of the store are display cases with all of their feature apples.  We went through a few of them–Basic Candy Apples, Oreo Cookie Apple…..

Barbie points to the glass and quite loudly says “look they even have Reese Penis”.

5-4-3-2-1…here comes the look of horror as she plays back in her head what she had just said.   The guy to the right of us is shocked, Philip walked away and I burst into laughter.

Barbie’s face turns red and she asks if she really said what she thought she said….I was laughing so hard all I could do was nod.

At that point we left the store, buying nothing.



Barbie and her latest Freudian Slip

While sitting around wrapping Christmas gifts this evening Barbie and I had the old Christmas classic by Rankin and Bass Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.  As we were going through the gifts she held up a drinking glass emblazoned with pictures of Justin Bieber.  Just to be clear she bought this cup for her 6-year-old cousin.

“I can’t wait to give this to my little cousin”, Barbie exclaimed.  “She’ll be so excited to be drinking a cup of Beaver…f*ck, I mean Bieber.”

After about ten seconds of letting it sink in, mixed with my laughter, Barbie muttered “Why does this always happen to me?”


I can only assume it happens for the amusement of us all.


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