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Engineering Barbie is Dyslexic…kind of

OK so I was sitting in the office having lunch with Industrial Designer Ken and Engineering Barbie.  The topic of conversation was the tours we had going on and the ‘big media’ one that we have coming up.  During this I mention that I found a new shirt that said the following:

I’m drunk
You’re ugly
And tomorrow I’ll be sober

We all got a good chuckle out of it and I then stated “Maybe I’ll start wearing it to the team meetings.  Or maybe I’ll dig out my good old ‘I’ll try being nicer if you try being smarter’ shirt that I have.”

“You didn’t wear a shirt like that to team meeting did you?” asked Industrial Designer Ken.

“Absolutely I did.  I mean it’s not like they’ll let me wear my hat that says ‘G.F.Y.'”

Engineering Barbie had a good snicker over this but Industrial Designer Ken looked a little lost.

“I don’t get it.  What does G.F.Y stand for?”

“It means Go F*** Yourself”, I replied.

Engineering Barbie then looked perplexed and went “I thought it meant Jesus F***ing Christ”

I then looked at Engineering Barbie and went “You do realize that would be JFC not GFY right?”

In her best attempts to cover her tracks she answered back with “Maybe I’m dyslexic”

“Um, dyslexia means you scramble letters up…not create whole new letters”, I told her.

Undeterred she answered back with that classic reply, ‘Whatever”.  And off she went leaving both Designer Ken and I completely confused and perplexed.


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