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Barbie’s dog and the Hole Debacle…

Well, today after work Barbie and I took her little Sheltie for walk in the field behind the house. Her dog loves to walk in the field because we will generally let her go leash-free.  As we went along the trails in the brush, many which have been made by the teenagers on the pocket bikes and four-wheelers, we came upon a man-made jump for the riders.  So as we approached this jump, we noticed that there was a large hole, approximately 3-foot by 3-foot and about 2-feet deep.  Side-stepping the hole, we called to the dog motioning for her to follow the path around the edge of the hole.  

Much like her human mother who suffers from bouts of clumsiness, the poor dog just carried on straight for the hole.  As we saw her get closer to the hole, we yelled “No, Chelsea!  Over here… wait… not there…”

And then it happened. 

The poor dog took her front paws and stepped into the great void, and unlike in Bugs Bunny where the laws of gravity don’t apply (because he never studied law according to Bugs), poor little Chelsea went face first into the hole.  We heard a dull thud as Chelsea’s little snout schmucked against the dirt wall of the hole.  Stunned, the poor dog looked at us for a few moments, wondering what had happened and then pondering how to get out back out.  After a few failed attempts to get herself out of the hole, she dragged herself out and our little walk continued but not without some great mirth as we recounted the ‘hole’ debacle with Barbie’s dog.


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