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Barbie and the Freudian Slip

Last night, as we were watching Netflix, I had made some nice hot chocolate using white chocolate powder and warm milk.  As I was bringing the cups out I noticed that my kid had left the foil wrappers from his Hersey’s Kisses on the carpet.  A little annoyed at the fact he didn’t dispose of his trash, and more annoyed that he had knocked it on the floor from the table, I said to him:

“Hey, if you can’t throw out your garbage then there’ll be no more Hersey Kisses for you!  Got it kiddo?”

“Yes dad”, he agreed in that great voice that pre-teens use.  You know the one that makes you want to give them a high five…to the face!

So we went about drinking our hot chocolate, watching the movie Daddy Day Care on Netflix and eating such healthy treats as Kisses, cakes and Reese’s Peanutbutter Trees (like the cups but tree shaped for Christmas).
When we all finished up our drinks and snacks, I decided I’d clean up the dishes.  As I was getting the cups and heading to the kitchen I noticed that I had left a wrapper for one of the Reese’s trees on the table.  As I had only travelled about 5 steps, I backed up and picked up the wrapper to dispose of in the garbage as I made my way into the kitchen.

At that moment Barbie, thinking she’d be a smart arse, looked at me and said mockingly “If you don’t put your wrappers in the garbage there’ll be no more Reese’s Penis for you”.

Everything stopped, my son and I both turned and looked at Barbie.  The look on her face betrayed the fact that she knew she had made a huge slip up.  “I just did it again, didn’t I?  I said penis instead of pieces”, she said.  Without even answering her we all just started laughing our heads off.

Readers catch the point that she said again…that first story will be coming up in the next few days 😀



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