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Barbie and the Brain Eating Amoeba

Hello everyone.  It has been a very long time since I’ve put any story up and it most certainly isn’t because we haven’t had Barbie moments but more because in the pursuit of obtaining certification as a Project Manager I was taking two different night school courses, which are over (thank God).

So a few weeks back, probably around 8 weeks ago to be honest, I got an email from Barbie at my work because she was somewhat flustered.  It seems that Barbie had ingested a brain eating amoeba…or so she thought.

Barbie, at the time, was suffering somewhat of a nasal condition and was using Hydrasense to flush out her sinuses to reduce infection.  Enter the moment when Rod Serling does his Twlight Zone voice over and the familiar musically twang hits…yes we’ve hit “The Barbie Zone“.

It seems that Barbie had run out of Hydrasense, not surprising if you remember the Bukkake story,  and decided on doing a homemade Neti Pot.  So Barbie boiled some water, let it cool off and made a nasal rinse using some sea salt.  After creating this concoction she performed her Charlie Sheen impersonation and performed a nasal rinse from it.  So far so good.  It was after this that all plans went to pot.

Barbie, with her ever vigilante internet medical searches, found this article which describe a brain eating amoeba found in tap water.  Of course having read this article Barbie was convinced she had contracted it.  However, after reading this article (which she read as well) remember the following:

  • the deaths were in Louisiana
  • less than 10 reported cases occur per year (in the US)
  • the highest number of reported incidents were 8 in 1980
  • the amoeba is a warm water friendly amoeba with very rare cases reported north of the Mason-Dixie Line

To make a long story short I received a rather panicked email from Barbie concerned because she had found out this information but, of course, after the nasal rinsing had taken place.  No matter what was said I couldn’t settle Barbie down from the fact that she may have ‘snorted’ a brain eating amoeba.  In fact it might have been easier to give a logical explanation as to how all the grass is freshly cut inTheWalking Dead than have Barbie believe that she wasn’t in harm’s way from this homemade nasal rinse.  So the count down began since the amoeba would kill a person in 7 days.  Barbie went as far as emailing the town to find out the chlorination levels of water treatment because certain levels would kill the amoeba.  She also asked her OBGYN about it and that didn’t go so well (only because the good doctor laughed at her).

So the longest week of my life then began.  With each passing day I would hear about the countdown – “I might die in 6 days”.  Of course I never believed it but someone did (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).  So day after day went by and numbers slowly dropped with an anticipation I can only expect was matched by the original moon landing.

To say the least, nothing happened to Barbie.  We are now working on about day 60+ after the nasal rinse but I will testify how bent out of shape Barbie was.

neti pot hydrasense walking dead



Hydrasense Bukkake

Happy New Year readers.  Yesterday this site past the 1,000 view marker and to be honest I never thought I could hit that in under 10 months time like I have.  So a big thanks to all the readers, and here is the latest adventure:


Today while I was at work Barbie was at home convalescing from her battle with a bad cold and sinus infection that has been troubling her for about a week now.  As I was working away I got an email from Barbie which caused me to laugh so hard I almost spit my drink out all over my keyboard…which would have been the second thing to be sprayed, but that’s jumping the gun.  Here is the email as it came to me:

While trying to put the Hydrasense nose spray in my nostril to clear my sinuses out, I pulled my face back too soon and shot it all over my face.  I have a mint/eucalyptus spray in my eye.

When I finally got to speak to her and ask about it she said, “Have you ever used one of those things before?”
“Yes”, I told her.
“I didn’t know they were so powerful.  I mean it was whoosh! and then it was all over my face.”

Instantly I started laughing again and Barbie turned away…and I think she might have muttered a certain 7 letter word starting with an “A” in my direction too.


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