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Barbie and The Reservation

As I have mentioned in previous blog postings Barbie and I ride the GO train into Toronto for our jobs.  When you ride with the same people day in and day out for 5 years, in my case and 3 years in Barbie’s case, you get to develop what is referred to as ‘train friends’.  Our case is a little different as we have evolved our friendships with our ‘train friends’ into just regular friends.  We have meals with them, invite them to social gatherings, have celebrated retirements, weddings and child births as well as mourned deaths. To sum it up, we just keep in touch with each other on a basis much more than just commuters sharing a ride into the city.

So last night was one of our ‘GO train gatherings’ as we had dinner at Kelsey’s in Brampton – which by the way the service is horrid.  We will have to seriously look at a new dinner venue.  So taking the train home last night there were four of us sitting together having a good old chat.  During this chat the familiar tones of the theme from The Twilight Zone could be heard as Rod Serling voice overlayed his monologue that began each show.  Yes it was time for our loving Barbie to exit from reality have a ‘moment’.

“Did you make a reservation?”, she asked of me.  And since we had 12 people coming it was a valid question but I was in a smart arse mood.

“Do I look Native American to you?”, I replied sarcastically.

Instantly the other two ladies with us started snickering.  It became obvious that a joke had occurred and that poor Barbie missed it.  With a look of confusion she said,
“I don’t get it.”

“Ok”, I said.  “Where do natives live?”
I was fully expecting at this point the conversation would end as Barbie would then clue into my reservation reference.  Especially since she garnered that look of confidence she gets whenever she has the impression that she knows the answer 100%.

“In a tepee” she adamantly exclaims.

“Oh, Jesus Christ”, I muttered.  “Ok, and where is the tepee located.”
This time I was really sure she would get the answer required.

With great certainty, but not the overbearing confidence she had with answer one, she answered,
“In Wawa”

Fighting the urge to slap my forehead like one of the Three Stooges I gathered the patience for one more hinting question.
“And that big piece of land in Wawa is called what?”, I asked while making hand gestures to show obvious acreage of land.

She looked as us a little befuddled and answered, really unsure of herself, “A reserve?!?!?”

“A reservation.  Get it now?”

“Yes”, she said with annoyance.  “But I don’t think it’s really all that funny you know.  I’ve actually seen them living in tepees in Wawa so I really wasn’t wrong”, she proclaimed with great defiance at our humour.



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