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Male Barbie’s Can’t Work Loading Dock Doors

Yesterday when I was at work I bumped into a co-worker after making my lunch trip to Tim Horton’s for a cup of tea.  Fred, as we will call him, was coming off the elevator that goes from the loading dock to the basement where my machine shop is located.  Since most of my team was at a mandatory safety training seminar I was somewhat shocked to see Fred.

“Aren’t you doing the safety thing today?”

“No, I signed up for the next session coming up” he replied.  “Um, do you know if SPD (our shipping area) has keys to open the loading dock doors?”

“They might.  Why?”

“I can’t get it to open up.  The other door is open but is occupied with a delivery and the truck I’m trying to receive is in the other one.”

I was a little confused by all this since I have never seen the loading dock have the garage doors locked during day time hours.

“Really?  Let’s go see if I can fix you up”

So we got into the elevator and rode up to the loading docks.  As we walked over to the dock’s doors it was just as he described: one open and one closed.  We approached the closed-door and Fred went to open it up.

“See”, he said.  “It won’t open.”

I watched as Fred hit the button a few more times and I instantly knew his problem.  Fred had been hitting the wrong button.  Instead of hitting the Open button, which would raise the door up, he was hitting the Up button which lifts the tailgate so that you can unload skids from the trucks.  I quickly pointed this out to Fred and after sensing his embarrassment I said it would be our secret…until now haha.

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Bolshevik Ken and The Metal Conundrum

For those unaware I work in a metal shop making parts for one of the research hospitals in Toronto and my usual story time subject is Barbie, who works at one of the bank head offices in Toronto as well.  So this story actually involves me and not Barbie this time.

This morning I was writing up S.O.P’s, which are Standard Operation Procedures, for the various machines I am responsible for because our Occupation Health and Safety department has decided that they require copies for their records.  While typing these forms up one of the contractors here at work came into my shop.  This gentleman is responsible for building a motion platform in one of the research labs and apparently some of their pieces didn’t fit properly.  So he comes into my shop looking for me to do some retrofit modifications to his parts and in his Russian accented voice says to me:

“My friend, I need these modified to this”, and he pulls out a drawing that they have hand written some changes on.  “I have 4 of these in total”, he says.

So I look at the pieces, which are metallic but painted so I’m not sure whether it was cast iron or steel and better yet if steel what type and was it heat-treated.

“You can place them on that work bench”, I say pointing to the nearest mill.  “What kind of material is this?”

He stands there and looks at me for a little while and says “Oh, they are metal”.  And this he turns and leaves as I stand there thinking to myself that this is a flipping machine shop and everything here is metal.

I swear I must have some sort of magnetic draw to conversations and incidents like this.


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