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Musical Genius? Ludwig Von Barbie you are not…

Last night Barbie’s brother popped over and asked if we wanted to go to Dairy Queen as he had been introduced to a float from Dairy Queen.  He has had floats, in the sense that we are thinking with ice cream and your favourite soft drink, but this was something different and you have to specify it to the cashier as its not on the menu.

However, that’s not the crux of this story.  As we were driving and listening to music in the truck a country song came on, and I admit country is one of my least favourite music flavours, so I asked
“Can we get something else playing?”, especially in light of the fact that just before it was a rock song so I know he has a rather varied taste of music on his iPod.

“Yeah, no problem”, he says.  Then upon flipping to the next song he asked, “How’s this one?”

Credence Clearwater Rival’s version of I Heard It Through The Grapevine came on.  This I was good with, although I will admit I prefer the Marvin Gaye version best.  So as the song was playing, and it was all of 30 or 40 seconds old, Barbie’s brother turns to her and asks, as an apparent jab at her preference for Top 40 music:
“Do you know who this is?”

And with great conviction and certainty she proclaimed “Yes I do!”

I thought this was great as I enjoy listening to CCR and the fact that she knew who it was meant I could play the odd song in the car during trips then…or so I thought.

“This is the California Raisins (click for youtube link)!  So yes I know who it is.”

I think instead of mentally imagining myself slapping my forehead, I actually physically did slap it this time.

“No, this is not the California Raisins.  This is CCR – Credence Clearwater Rivival.  The version you’re thinking of was done as a commerical with dancing raisins and using Marving Gaye’s version of the song”, I told her.  “This is the same song, but different version all together”

“Oooohhhh!!!!  So the California Raisins weren’t a real group?”, she asked.

“No, they were claymation raisins dancing about the screen like a Motown revival act”, I told her.

She thought for a second and then with great pride said “Yeah, but at least I knew that they sang this at some point”



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