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Sauble Barbie and the Discount Ticket War…well, minor skirmish

Today at work Barbie received a call from her co-worker, and previous guest on the blog, Sauble Barbie.  It seems Sauble Barbie had purchased some tickets from one of those work perk groups that offer discount deals to employees.  Upon ordering she called up Barbie and asked if she wanted to meet up with her while she picked up her order.

Being as they work for one of the larger banks in Toronto our two Barbies do not work in the same building so they met up at the main office where Sauble Barbie thought she could grab her order.  Not knowing, however, what floor she needed to go to she approached the concierge desk and asked them.  They informed her that she needed to head to the 13th floor, which is never good, and see the folks at Oxford Properties.  So off they went together to the 13th floor so that Sauble Barbie could obtain her order.

Upon reaching the 13th floor the two Barbies asked what office it was they needed to go to for ticket pick ups.  Once they got their directions off they went to see the perks agent.  As they approached the man at the desk Sauble Barbie handed the gentleman her print out and said “I’m here to get my order”.

“Um, this isn’t from us”, said the agent.  “These are from Eservus…you know, our competitor.”

A little shell-shocked, and mildly embarrassed, Sauble Barbie asked the agent, “Well, do you know where I can find their office then?”

The perks agent from Oxford admitted that he had no idea where the office for Eservus was but told them that they could use the telephone to call them.  He was quite quick to add, being the consummate salesman, that he could get them cheaper than what Sauble Barbie got them for.  Sauble Barbie was insistent that there was no way because she bought them on a discount, oblivious to the fact that this was exactly what this gentleman’s job detail was as well.  After a little tit-for-tat between Sauble Barbie and Oxford’s Willie Loman they actually found that Sauble Barbie got the tickets cheaper by 14 cents.

After calling Eservus Sauble Barbie found out that the office she had to go to and receive her tickets was located…


In the neighbouring building she works in and therefore she probably never needed to venture outside with Toronto’s extensive underground pathways.

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Barbie’s New Word

Well, following in the steps of such great linguistic geniuses as Stephen Colbert (truthiness), Pat Riley (three-peat) and even William Shakespeare (bedazzled and circumstantial) our Barbie girl has added to the English language with her own word creation.

Last night as we were sitting around watching the new Shark Week: 20th Anniversary DVD that I had picked up I noticed that Barbie had turned into Sleeping Beauty, as duly noted in previous blog posts as to what happens when the television is on.  As the episode Shark Attack Survivors was ending, and the extremely late time of 8.45pm, Barbie stirred a little and said ‘Shall we watch another episode?’

I sort of looked cock-eyed at Barbie and went ‘Or we just go to bed since you’re sleeping already.  I can easily read a book.’

‘But I’m not sleeping.  We can watch another episode’, was Barbie’s answer.

Again I looked at her rather askew, and went ‘Um, your eyes were closed and you missed half the episode.’

‘Maybe, but I wasn’t sleeping.  I was in my pre-sleep before I go to bed’

Ok, I’ll admit that I’m not Mr. Oxford or anything, but even I know that pre-sleep isn’t a proper word … so I called her out on it.
‘Pre-sleep?  That’s not even a word.  Its called sleeping or napping.  Not pre-sleeping.’

‘Well, it should be a word.  And I’m going to make it a word!’

So ladies and gentlemen here it is, Barbie’s new word and its corresponding definition for the new English word Pre-sleep

pre-sleep –  The act of sleeping outside of the bedroom and in no greater than 60 minutes prior to one’s bedtime.  Pre-sleeping most often occurs on a couch while a television program is broadcasting in the background.


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