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Barbie and the Popcorn Conundrum

So during the Christmas shopping season Barbie was at the local mall with one of her friends.  While out shopping the two ladies came across a Kernels to which Barbie said to her friend “Let’s go see what samples they have.”  And so it began…

Barbie proceeds to help herself to a few kernels out of the bucket for her gastronomic enjoyment.  After popping these morsels for her enjoyment, Barbie noticed a puzzled look on her friend’s face.  Finally, her friend blurts out, “Um, I don’t think those are samples”

Somewhat perplexed at this, Barbie turns to her friend and notices a lady at the cash register staring at her while holding the bucket of popcorn Barbie had just sampled.  Barbie then looked to the other side and noticed the lady’s kids staring at her.  A few seconds of looking back and forth between the two passed and somewhat embarrassed and unsure of what to say, Barbie says to the lady
“I’m really sorry but I thought it was free samples”, and she just smiled, placed the stolen, uneaten kernels into her mouth and high-tailed it out of the mall, leaving the family with a story to share for years.

For the record, the flavour of the day was Cheddar Cheese.



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