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Barbie’s Hug Machine

The other day as we were sitting watching television little Miss Barbie was fighting sleep, and we’ve already covered her television-sleep issues in the Pre-Sleep article.  A rather groggy Barbie looks over at me and goes “Can I have a hug?”
My first reaction, because I wasn’t really paying attention, was “What?”
“I need a hug.  So give me a hug or get one of those hug machines”, Barbie replies.
“Hug machines?  What are you on about?”, I asked her.
“You know those hug machines that Shooter McGavin built”, Barbie stated.
“Shooter McGavin?  The guy from Happy Gilmore?  He didn’t build a hug machine”, was my retort.
“No, the autistic girl with the movie”, she replied.
“Temple Grandin?” I asked.
“Yeah that’s the one.”
“But you said Shooter McGavin.  That’s not even the right sex never mind the real person/fictional person debate”, I said.
“Whatever, their names are close enough.  Can I have the hug or not?”



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