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OMG, Where is my purse?

Yesterday was a rather trying day for Barbie at work for many reasons but the Barbie Fails moment came at the end of the day.

As the day came to a close Barbie went to get her purse as she was packing up to leave for the day.  Since the workstations have drawers for you to put your belongings in, desks are not permanent but rather signed out by employees so you may not have the same desk daily, Barbie had placed her purse inside the drawer that seemed to correspond with her desk.  From here I give you the play-by-play in Barbie’s own words:

When I realized my purse was trapped in the bottom drawer, I exclaimed
“OMG, my purse is locked in the drawer and Karen’s gone home for the
night”. Laury and I ran to the window of the 26th floor and saw that her
car had already left the Roy Thompson Hall parking lot. I ran to find
another lady with the hope of finding a spare key, but upon searching
her collection, we noted it was missing. Laury called someone else to
see if they had a key; also came up empty. At that point, we started to
laugh uncontrollably and decided it was the funniest thing that had
happened all day.

My purse spent the night, alone, locked in the bottom drawer.

And the offending co-workers version of events, after they had realized what happened:

Very sorry…I didn’t even think you were using the drawers as I saw
your backpack on the floor and thought that’s all you had..I used that
set of drawers as there is no key where I was at, it won’t happen again,
I’m so sorry.

The best part of all this was a somewhat flustered, yet in good spirits, Barbie getting into my car explaining what had happened and then realizing “I have no money, no I.D., no cell phone and no car keys.  So it’s a good thing you’re the one driving”.

For the record I’m always the one driving when it comes to going to Toronto for work 😉



Haley Joel Osment sees Dead People…I See Barbies

OK, we are all familiar with the movie Sixth Sense.  Even if you’ve never seen the movie you definitely know the scene where a young Haley Joel Osment tells Bruce Willis that he sees dead people.  That line has been parodied in various Hollywood spoofs and even internet de-motivational posters (my favourite being the one that says “I see stupid people”).

Well, not a lot unlike Haley Joel, I too see people…mine are living though.  More importantly I see Barbie-esque style fails all around me.  I’m starting to think that the creation of this blog has fine tuned my inner senses to such actions and this week has been good.  We’ll start with the Barbies-in-training, and two Kens-in-training, before going on to our actual Barbie.

Yesterday, while going to get lunch at the Ontario Power Generation building, I witnessed three instances of Barbie-isms within 3 minutes.  While making my way to the Tim Horton’s for a sandwich and tea I witnessed a lady walk up to the revolving door and push with all her might.  Not once.  Not twice.  But three different times this poor woman shoved with all her might and the door wouldn’t budge.  At this moment, with a great moment of intellectual clarity, the woman turned around 180 degrees and after making a quick check that she didn’t know anyone, pushed on the opposite glass pane.  You know, the one with the handle attached – unlike the one she was previously shoving.  Miraculously the door rotated and this lady was freed.

Right after this little moment I went into Tim Horton’s and witnessed more follies.  As I was standing in line making my order I over heard the young lady working announce the order she brought to the counter.  “Boston Cream doughnut and a medium double-double”, announced the Tim’s employee.  I noticed a guy standing beside, who looked like a local university student, pull out a receipt from his pocket.  Read this receipt over with great intensity.  Look up at the counter, back at the receipt and then back at the counter.  Having fully deduced that this massive ordering of food was indeed his to enjoy he proceeded to put away the receipt and grab the food and drink.

A mere 30 seconds later, as I finished making my order, the same employee came up and announced another order.  “Bagel with cream cheese and a medium regular”, she announced.  Standing beside me was another university looking guy with a skateboard.  I had a moment of deja vu then as this guy also took out his receipt, read through it with the same scrutiny as the previous student and then took his food as well.  When my order came up I took it, without scanning my receipt, turned around and noticed that both of these young guys happened to be sitting at the same table.  I have to admit I was snickering as I was leaving to go back to work.

And now for the main event…

Today riding home from the train the ‘real’ Barbie of this blog was sitting there on the phone with a call from work.  During this conversation Barbie started rifling through her purse aimlessly.  Suddenly the purse shuffling became more intense.  Barbie was holding her Blackberry case in her hand and looking around for her phone.  A look of panic came on her face as she mouthed the words “Where’s my Blackberry?”.  I looked at her sort of weirdly and before I could mutter anything at all our dear Barbie had it click that she was holding her Blackberry in one hand, since she was talking on it, and the case in the other.

Yes folks I see Barbies…they are everywhere.



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