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Barbie needs an EZ Bake…or maybe some oven mitts

Last week Miss Barbie decided she would make some oatmeal chocolate chip muffins.  Given that we don’t have a lot of time with the commute from downtown I will need to say that we use Quaker Oats pre-mix, the time for making from scratch just isn’t there during the week.
So Barbie mixed everything up, took out the muffin tray and rested it on top of the stove while turning the oven on to warm up.  Once she is done with the mix she poured it into the muffin tray, which she has outfitted with the little paper muffin cups.  After all this she opened the oven door up and reached for the tray.  That was when I heard a loud smash and the scream of “OWWWW”.

I went racing into the kitchen and asked what happened.  “I burnt my hand”, Barbie exclaimed.  “I grabbed the pan and one side was fine but the other side was hot”.

I surveyed the potential damage, which was minimal.  The muffin tray I noticed had three muffins sitting at an odd angle and muffin mix was sitting all over the handles of the pan.

“Where was the pan?”, I asked.
“Sitting on top of the stove”, Barbie said.  “I don’t know how it got so hot.  Maybe the stove is broken?”
“No, the heat ups up through the rings so they get a little warm even when they aren’t on.” I told her.

I then took a spoon, tried to straighten up the cups and feed as much of the mixture back into them.  Needless to say we had three muffins that resembled the Leaning Tower of Pisa and 9 muffins that were perfectly fine.  Barbie also learnt that never touch a pan sitting on the stove with the oven on unless you’re wearing oven mitts.



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