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Bay Street Banker Ken and Busboy Ken…combined might make a triple digit IQ

The first story I heard today on the GO train as Barbie and I were traveling into work.  So sitting in the four seats ahead of us were four guys who work in the Bay Street area of Toronto.  One of them told this story of what happened to him on Friday after work:

Banker #1 “So you guys should hear what happened to me this weekend”

Banker #2 “Why what happened?”

Banker #1 “Well, we start pulling into Georgetown and I realize I can’t find my car.  I’m looking everywhere and then I realize I drove into work that morning”

Banker #3 “No.  How much did that cost you?”

Banker #1 “It cost a lot.  First I had to cab it home and get my kid ready for his hockey.  Then we had to cab it to the arena and home.  When my wife came back later that night I had to get her to drive me downtown to get the car.  And of course I had exceeded the time limits for early bird parking and had to pay regular rates which were huge.  Man, I’m never going to do that again”

At this point the four men laughed and got off the train but I have the sneaking suspicion that it’s not the first time he’s done this and that his three friends have probably done it at least once as well.


Story number two comes from my sister who works in a restaurant in Kitchener.  She sent me the following email.

Our busboy goes into the fridge (not big 10′ x 4′ at most) looks around and then says to me when I opened the door

“Where’s the ice?”.

I had to shake my head and then pointed to the stand up freezer that is right beside the walk-in fridge.
He’s a 5th year in highschool…..scary if he is our future.


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