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Barbie and the NCAACP

Sorry its been so long since the last post, but work gets in the way sometimes.

Anyways, the other week I was having a conversation with our Barbie-girl about a mutual friend that we commute with to Toronto. So I was telling Barbie that our friend’s eldest daughter received early acceptance to Trent University and the coach there wanted her to practice with his girls’ soccer team. Barbie said at that moment, “Oh did she get a scholarship.”
I informed Barbie that Canadian universities don’t hand out athletic scholarship (most people don’t know this actually). At that moment I added “Well, Simon Fraser in B.C. might because they place in the NCAA set up and not CIAU.”

It was at that time Barbie had the look in her eyes that let me know something “Barbie-ish” was about to happen.

“I don’t understand, what does Simon Fraser have to do with the group for black people”, was the comment that accompanied the look.

“Black people?!?!?”, was my immediate response and instantly clued in and clarified, “The NCAA is the College Athletics Association. You are thinking of the NAACP which is the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People.”

“Oh, yeah, well they play sports and have a lot of A’s so its an easy mistake”, was her rebuttal and saving face comment 😀


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