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Hi Ho Tonto!!!

So today we were playing with our son in the living room turned toy room with all his recently acquired haul from his first birthday party last weekend.  One of his toys that he’s taken to is a Fisher-Price Little People Farm with lots of audio stimuli.  The farm itself comes with a little farmer, a horse, a cow, a bale of hay and a sheep.  Alex likes to open the gates up, because they make animal sounds, and drop things down the silo because there is a sensor at the bottom which triggers various sounds and songs.

While playing our son took the horse and was waving it around.  I had stepped into the kitchen at the time and I heard Barbie say

“Hi Ho Tonto away!”

Needless to say I stopped dead in my tracks and muttered, well maybe louder than mutter, out “Wow.  Tonto huh?”

“Yeah, he’s got the horse”, stated Barbie.

“Um, Tonto is not the horse”

“Wait, what?  So what was the horse’s name?” asked Barbie.

“Well Tonto was the Indian”, I replied.  And yes I know it isn’t PC but we all know it as Lone Ranger and his Indian pal Tonto not his native pal.

“Ooh.”  Then out of the blue Barbie had a neuron connection occur and she snapped out, “Silver!  The horse was Silver”

“Yep.  And what was Tonto’s horse called?”

“Tonto had a horse?”

“Of course he had a horse.  Did you think he ran behind the Lone Ranger in a pair of Nike’s?  The horse was called Scout”

Barbie also realized what was happening at that moment, “You better blog this one.”

And ta-da, your wish is my command!!!

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