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Teen Barbies and the Foods They Like

Another great story from a follower who reads the blog in regards to the silliness he’s overheard on his commuter train from Teen Barbies or Barbies-in-Training.

It seems this young ladies, 3 in total, were riding the GO train into Toronto and discussing food options they enjoy.  Based on the story told to me it went something like this:

“I really enjoy certain seafood, like crab and stuff.  And I absolutely love shrimp”, says teen #1.

“No, I’m not a fan of that stuff”, retorts teen #2.  “I’m more a beef girl.”

“Yeah, I don’t really like beef”, replies teen #1.

“Well, growing up my dad and grandad used to go splits on half a cow”, explains teen #2.  “So we wound up with a lot of beef and all the different cuts of beef in our freezer.”

“Oh wow, that would be nice.  The different steaks and hamburgers and stuff”, chipped in teen #3.

At this moment it all went downhill as teen #1 added, “Oh that is cool.  Did you get bacon with that too?”

Teen #2 replies “Yeah I think we did.  I always had bacon in the house so I guess bacon does come with it”

Apparently a few moments passed when all of a sudden one of thos scientific miracles, like the Big Bang, occured on the train and teen #3 had a great moment of clarity (or at least the connection of another synapse) and she piped up “Um, I don’t think bacon comes from a cow…I think bacon comes from pigs”

The three girls dropped the conversation at that point, probably due to the confusion they were all feeling at such a monumental step in intellect.



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