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Barbie Doesn’t Do Terrorist Attractions

Tonight, after dinner, Barbie and I went for a walk through the neighbourhood.  As we were walking Barbie started talking about some recent business trips she might going off on.  One of which is London, England and she mentioned how when she goes she wants to ‘do it right’ and have a pint, eat some crumpets and hit Piccadilly Circus.  During this I said to her that if she wanted to do London right she had to use London’s subway system The Tube.

“Oh no”, Barbie said.  “I can’t go on that.”

“Relax.  It much easier to use and ride than the TTC (Toronto’s subway)”, I replied.

“No, it’s not that.  It’s a terrorist attraction!”

“A terrorist attraction?” I asked.

“Yeah a place that attracts terrorists.”

“It’s not Al Qaeda-land for Pete’s sake*. Mickey Mouse in an exploding vest and all that nonsense.”

“It’s a place that attracts terrorists so it’s a terrorist attraction”

“I believe the actual term is a terrorist target not attraction”

“Whatever.  They are attracted to it so I’m not wrong”

I had to concede on that point but not without a good laugh


*phrase not actually used but we’re keeping it family oriented 😉

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