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Schools for fools…

Good Evening one and all,

So this little Barbie fail took place today on the way home from work and featured our lovely Barbie herself.

While driving home tonight from the train we passed a man combing his dog in the garage and I mentioned it because this dog was HUGE!!!!!

So as we drive by I say to Barbie, “Hey that guy had his dog on a stool and brushing it.”

“What kind of dog was it?”, asked Barbie.  And as I said it was massive and I had no clue what kind of dog it was…after all I am not Cesar Milan.

“No idea but it was massive.  Looked like a bloody black bear sitting there in the garage.”

Then Barbie chimes in, “Oh, that reminds me, what’s her name on the train said what kind of shepherd she had but I forgot.”

“You mean Charlene?”

“Yeah, her.  But do you remember what kind of shepherd was it?  I keep thinking Alsatian but you told me that word so it can’t be that.”, answers Barbie.

“She has a Belgian Shepherd.  An Alsatian is a German Shepherd in Britain.”

And then the golden moment we are all waiting for, “Ok you have to stop teaching me stuff, it’s confusing me!  My brain is obviously full as I’m forgetting things.”

And on that note ladies and gentlemen I have been officially told that you can have too much learning.


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