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Barbie has double vision

One morning, Barbie crawled out of bed to get ready for a doctor’s appointment, subscribing to her normal morning rountine.  Barbie checked the clock… time to get up.  She hopped in the shower and began her bathing and grooming routine.  Barbie was able to read the shampoo bottle, pluck her eyebrows in the mirror and apply make-up without a hitch.  After completing this routine, Barbie popped in a pair of her disposable contact lenses (as she is blind as a bat) and began her trek to the doctor.  

On the drive to the doctor, Barbie’s eyes felt a little foggy, almost like they were too thick.  As she continued to drive, she started to notice some really strange events.  As she was blinking her eyes Barbie noticed that suddenly she would see double and then it would blend into one shape.  This was somewhat alarming as it had never happened to her before.  She didn’t pay it too much thought, but proceeded to carried on to her scheduled appointment.

By the time she arrived home, Barbie decided enough was enough and decided to remove her contacts as they were bugging her beyond belief.  It was at this moment, Barbie realized her vision issues had a very simple solution.  Barbie had fallen asleep with her daily contacts the night before and instead of removing them when she awoke in the morning, she inserted a new set of contacts on top.  Apparently, her miraculous 20/20 morning vision was not so miraculous after all.


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