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What’s My Name?

A few days after Barbie had given birth she was out at the local Wal-mart with her mom.  While shopping an older lady approached her to fawn over the baby.  While cooing over the child the lady posed the question –

“How cute.  What did you name him?”

Normally this would be a simple question that the majority of people could answer really quickly.  Unfortunately for Barbie, she had literally come out of the hospital the day previously and was working on about 8 hours sleep over the last 3 days.  So naturally her response was a little slow.

“Um…his name is…um…mom?”

“His name is Alex”, came in mom with the tag and rescue.

Lydia name tag


Barbie’s Day Out

On Wednesday last week Barbie had some running around to do.  Her first stop was for a medical appointment she had when she noticed an Italian eatery in the same strip mall.  Since she had some time available Barbie decided to give the diner a try.  She went in for lunch.  Barbie ordered herself a salad and the clerk asked her what she would like on it.

“I’d like to have some onions, tomatoes, croutons, cheese, computers…”

At that point Barbie realized that she had made quite the faux pas on her order and started laughing.  “Oh my god.  I want cucumbers not computers.  That would be weird”

Barbie got her salad, without further incident, and proceeded about her day.  Everything else flowed easily until she went to Walmart to do some shopping.  While in Walmart Barbie felt the call of nature come about and went to the bathroom.  As she was sitting in the stall the person in the stall next to her flushed the toilet.  It seems, on top of having cheap merchandise, Walmart also skimped out on their plumbing costs.  Immediately after that toilet was flushed there was a bit of a mild explosion in Barbie’s stall.  Not the type of explosion one would normally associate with going to the bathroom but rather the water in the toilet bowl that Barbie was sitting on shot up like a mini-Old Faithful and soaked Barbie butt.  Luckily for Barbie she hadn’t actually done anything so all she got was a little wet.


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