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British Barbie and the mystification of multi-tasking

I had forwarded the blog to British Barbie to let her know of her guest spot, and so she could read the whimsical on-goings of our Toronto Barbie. She loved the stories and provided even more material thus ensuring she has a regular spot on this blog site 😀

So one day our British Barbie was in a bit of a scramble in her house doing laundry and making her morning tea. Of course things never work out as planned when multi-tasking, as most of us can attest to.
On goes the kettle, out comes one load from the washing machine and into the dryer and another load into the washing machine. I should note to our readers that in Britain the laundry machines are often in the kitchen and not in a separate room like over here in North America.
Sure enough the kettle pops and in the scramble of doing all three tasks things start to crumble. British Barbie throws the two tea bags into the washing machine instead of the teapot, the detergent into the dryer instead of the washer and couldn’t find the tea bags on the counter so she put instant coffee into her cup and poured the kettle opting for a cup of joe instead.
As she started all the machines up and sat to her coffee, the dryer started smoking from the detergent powder getting into the electrical wires. She jumped up to shut the dryer down and pull the clothes out fearing that the burning smell was actually her clothes on fire. Thankfully they weren’t but she did need a repair man to come in and take about the entire machine before it could be fixed.
When the washer stopped her load of laundry, and it was a white load, came out a lovely colour of what can only be described as Tetley Tea brown.
Needless to say it was a rather expensive morning for our poor British Barbie.


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