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The Cold Affects Barbie’s Brain

I have to be honest with everyone.  If not for the live, commercial free airing of Smackdown then I would have had two posts not one.  In saying that here’s the great couple of days that have surrounded Barbie and her adventurous spirit in Toronto.


Barbie got to work and went through her usual routine of setting up her desk, since her work is too cheap to have permanent desk’s for everyone, and getting sorted out for the work day.  All things seemed to go according to plan, that is until lunch time.  At lunch time it all went awry.  When it was time for lunch Barbie went the to office kitchen and opened the fridge.  Pondering for a while, because something seemed wrong, she stared at the fridge.  Finally it clicked in – her lunch was missing.  Instantly Barbie figured someone stole her food.  Quickly scanning the other office workers, Barbie channelled her inner Encyclopaedia Brown and tried to figure out who was the thief.  As Barbie was doing the ‘over the cubicle head scan’ trying to sort out who was the culprit something inside her head was saying “You’re getting colder”.  Unfortunately for poor Barbie this voice wasn’t playing that stand-by game of “Getting Warmer, Getting Colder” with her.  This was a clue.  It turns out that Barbie, in a moment of absent-mindedness, she placed her lunch inside the freezer of the fridge instead of the regular fridge part.


Today was a rather good day…or it was until about 3.45pm.  I grabbed Barbie from her place of work on the way to the GO Train and we took off down York Street toward Union Station.  We were passing the Sigma Building at 55 York Street when all of a sudden Barbie dropped like Joe Frazier.  It seems that due to some brilliant construction work, or really shoddy engineering, there is quite the difference in height between the sidewalk and sidewalk markers.  In fact about 1/2″ difference actually, which is nearly 13mm for the metric crowd.  To anyone who doesn’t know the math apparently, as scientific studies show, all that is needed is 2mm (which is 0.08 inches) difference in height to upset someone’s balance.  So down she went, mild injury to the ankle and that is all thankfully, and I was standing over Barbie.  After helping her up, and making sure she was ok, we went off to the GO Train.
We made the train in time to get a seat, which is crucial on our line, and awaited the usual crowd that we sit with.  It seems we are the only suckers working this week since they didn’t arrive.  Barbie, having been out with some former co-workers, had a few extra bags of stuff with today.  So we bundled ourselves into the seats and did the best we could to get our bags, as well as the extra bags, under seats to eliminate the encroachment into the sitting space of the other riders. This posed a problem.  The problem isn’t that we couldn’t fit the bags under and leave our co-commuters the appropriate space but rather that we were able to accomplish such a feat.  As we pulled into our stop, which caught Barbie off guard and this might have been part of the issue, Barbie scrambled to shut down her e-reader and get her bags together.  We scrambled off the train and as we were walking down the platform Barbie turned to me and said “Oh good.  You have my backpack”
I looked rather confused at her and replied “No I don’t.  I have my own backpack and one of the extra bags but not your backpack”.

As the train was pulling away from us Barbie realized that her backpack, complete with laptop, notebooks and such, was sitting under our chairs on the train that was slowly pulling away to the west.


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Male Barbie’s Can’t Work Loading Dock Doors

Yesterday when I was at work I bumped into a co-worker after making my lunch trip to Tim Horton’s for a cup of tea.  Fred, as we will call him, was coming off the elevator that goes from the loading dock to the basement where my machine shop is located.  Since most of my team was at a mandatory safety training seminar I was somewhat shocked to see Fred.

“Aren’t you doing the safety thing today?”

“No, I signed up for the next session coming up” he replied.  “Um, do you know if SPD (our shipping area) has keys to open the loading dock doors?”

“They might.  Why?”

“I can’t get it to open up.  The other door is open but is occupied with a delivery and the truck I’m trying to receive is in the other one.”

I was a little confused by all this since I have never seen the loading dock have the garage doors locked during day time hours.

“Really?  Let’s go see if I can fix you up”

So we got into the elevator and rode up to the loading docks.  As we walked over to the dock’s doors it was just as he described: one open and one closed.  We approached the closed-door and Fred went to open it up.

“See”, he said.  “It won’t open.”

I watched as Fred hit the button a few more times and I instantly knew his problem.  Fred had been hitting the wrong button.  Instead of hitting the Open button, which would raise the door up, he was hitting the Up button which lifts the tailgate so that you can unload skids from the trucks.  I quickly pointed this out to Fred and after sensing his embarrassment I said it would be our secret…until now haha.

1354221110185 TIM HORTONS INC. - Tim Hortons Raises a Cup to Canadian Coffee

I’ll Take “Barbie, Bounce Sheets and Kleenex” For $500, Alex

Today I felt the need to blow my nose since apparently I’m not done with this fall season’s allergies.  When I wandered over to the Kleenex box and grabbed the next available piece of tissue paper I had a bit of a surprise come out of the box at me.  Flying through air was a Bounce sheet that was apparently stuffed into the Kleenex box.  I was slightly taken aback at the sight of having an aerial assailant from the tissue box.  However, since such sheets don’t have much in the way of flight longevity, it begin to flit its way down to the floor.  I wandered over and picked up the would be assassin and looked at it wondering what had happened.  The internal Sherlock Holmes in me managed to piece it together fairly quickly as to what did occur.

“Why did you put a Bounce sheet into the Kleenex box?” I asked Barbie.

“Uh, I didn’t” Barbie answered.

“Really?  Because I’m pretty sure you were the one folding the laundry on Sunday”

“SO!  That doesn’t mean that I would have put a Bounce sheet there.  I mean, why would I?”

“Ok, so who did put it there?  Because I’m pretty sure I saw you place them on the table”

“That doesn’t mean anything…and besides I probably thought it was a Kleenex that fell out of the box Mr. Smarty Pants.”

In unrelated news, the air I’ve been breathing all has a spring time freshness to it.


OMG, Where is my purse?

Yesterday was a rather trying day for Barbie at work for many reasons but the Barbie Fails moment came at the end of the day.

As the day came to a close Barbie went to get her purse as she was packing up to leave for the day.  Since the workstations have drawers for you to put your belongings in, desks are not permanent but rather signed out by employees so you may not have the same desk daily, Barbie had placed her purse inside the drawer that seemed to correspond with her desk.  From here I give you the play-by-play in Barbie’s own words:

When I realized my purse was trapped in the bottom drawer, I exclaimed
“OMG, my purse is locked in the drawer and Karen’s gone home for the
night”. Laury and I ran to the window of the 26th floor and saw that her
car had already left the Roy Thompson Hall parking lot. I ran to find
another lady with the hope of finding a spare key, but upon searching
her collection, we noted it was missing. Laury called someone else to
see if they had a key; also came up empty. At that point, we started to
laugh uncontrollably and decided it was the funniest thing that had
happened all day.

My purse spent the night, alone, locked in the bottom drawer.

And the offending co-workers version of events, after they had realized what happened:

Very sorry…I didn’t even think you were using the drawers as I saw
your backpack on the floor and thought that’s all you had..I used that
set of drawers as there is no key where I was at, it won’t happen again,
I’m so sorry.

The best part of all this was a somewhat flustered, yet in good spirits, Barbie getting into my car explaining what had happened and then realizing “I have no money, no I.D., no cell phone and no car keys.  So it’s a good thing you’re the one driving”.

For the record I’m always the one driving when it comes to going to Toronto for work 😉


Engineering Barbie And The Screwdriver

It’s been a while since Engineering Barbie made an appearance but she’s in fine form today.  While helping the Industrial Designer build a test wall at my work good old Engineering Barbie struck a gem today.

“Hey Steve, I hope this is the right size screwdriver”, states E.B.

Steve looks at the tool for a second and looks up and says “This is a wrench.  I don’t need a screwdriver”


Apparently I need to revisit the Tool Classification Chart with Engineering Barbie.


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