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Barbie and The X-Men Part 2

Last night we were watching the movie Goon with Seann William Scott (better known as Stiffler from American Pie).  While watching the movie there is a scene when Stiffler’s character, Doug Glatt, is talking to the movie’s antagonist Ross Rhea, played by Liev Schreiber.

“I recognize the other guy.  Who is it?”, Barbie asks me.

“That’s Liev Schreiber.”

“Oh yeah, Wolfgang’s brother”, Barbie quips in.

“Wolfgang?  Oh for the love of God, you mean Wolverine”, I reply.

Instant laughter from Barbie as she realizes her flub and goes “Whatever, it’s is brother right.  Tigerman or something”

“Sabre tooth, and yes they were brothers”

“Knew it”

And we went back to watching the movie, and I’m sure aliens have lobotomized Barbie.



Barbie and the X-Men

Last night while sifting through Netflix looking for something watch we stumbled across a British show called Eleventh Hour starring Patrick Stewart.

“Oh, it’s that Magnesium dude”, Barbie exclaimed.

“Magnesium?!?”, I said confused.

“Yeah from X-Men

“Um, that would be Magneto”, I answered and before I could continue my sentence…

“Oh right”, said Barbie.

“And that’s not Magneto either.  Its Charles Xavier.”

“Whatever, close enough”

“Odd, most people know him as Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek”

“Your such a nerd”, was Barbie’s answer and last words in this conversation – because she’s right.


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