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I Can Sing A Rainbow…well Barbie thought she could

The other day Barbie and I were sitting watching TV, well let’s be honest with a 7 month old in the house we really only watch two things – Baby Einstein DVDs and the toddler channel Treehouse.  So in watching one of these DVDs there was a rainbow showing up on-screen and I had a flashback to my days of music class in grade school.

Without missing a beat my memory banks pulled out the words for the song “I Can Sing A Rainbow”.  So, in my very best attempt to not totally butcher the song, I began singing:

“Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue, I can sing a rainbow…”

At this moment I was cut off by Barbie.  Not because I was committing auditory murder to a song that is 58 years old but because I “apparently” had the wrong lyrics.

“You  mixed the colours up.  It goes red, yellow, purple and blue, pink, orange and green.”

I paused for a half-second and then looked at Barbie and said “Um, no.  It ends it blue.  I had it right”

“It can’t end in blue.  Blue doesn’t make sense, it has to end with green”, was the retort from Barbie.

This went on for about 2 or 3 minutes with the verdict being we had to ask an intellectual authority figure.  Barbie emailed her mom while I went to the internet.  The results were that Barbie’s mom wasn’t sure what the order of colours were but according to the internet I was right as proven by this video



Barbie Is Still Musically Challenged

I have to be honest considering I haven’t heard of most bands after 1992, it is a little rich for me to call Barbie musically challenged but what the heck…she is!!!  As the regular readers might remember when Barbie confused Abba with Blondie and Outkast with Kanaan, click here, we had another classic music confusion last week.

Young Alexander tends to sneer his lip very akin to Billy Idol at times.  So during one of these moments I mentioned how he looks very much like Billy Idol and Barbie laughed and agreed.  So while I slaughtered the words to Rebel Yell with my angelic singing, or catlike screeching, Barbie had little Alexander’s arm pumping like Billy Idol’s does in the video.

When I finished singing the course of “More, More, More”, and in all honestly stopped singing all together due to not knowing the words after that, Barbie chimed in with her own song.

“School’s out for summer…”

I cocked my head sideways rather confused and queried “Alice Cooper?!?!?!?”

“Um, I thought that was Billy Idol”

“No, that’s Alice Cooper.  Maybe you meant ‘Its a nice day for a white wedding’ or ‘Here she comes now singing mony, mony’?

“Uh, yeah that is what I meant”

However, I could tell by the look in her eye she was really singing “Hey Ya” by Outkast

2 billy idol alice cooper outkast 2

Barbie’s Bibical Blunders

Well folks we came home and we started talking about the latest posting (Barbie Meets Cain).  I mentioned how there was a free e-book on the Kobo site that was a children’s Bible (for the record the kid’s Bibles are written in today’s English unlike the actual Bible) and Barbie went and got the actual children’s Bible she had on her bookshelf.

As she was flipping through the book she started asking me where she would find certain stories like Cain and Abel and Noah’s flood.  While we were flipping through Barbie came across a story called “On The Borders of Canaan”.  This is where it got good.

“Hey look.  The borders of Canaan (but she pronounced it like K’naan the rapper).”

“Um, that’s Canaan”

At this moment she started singing “Hey Ya”.  I looked at her and before I even said anything Barbie went “This isn’t K’naan is it?”

“Nope, Outkast”

“Oh well”, and she went back to singing Outkast.

If one wants to hear K’naan then click here


Barbie’s Yabba Dabba Do Part 2

So on Monday night, not long after posting Yabba Dabba Do, Barbie and I were talking about the latest story.

“So I see you posted the Adababa story”, she said to me.

“You mean Addis Ababa?”, I asked.

“Well I knew it sounded like Abba so I was kinda right”, Barbie said.

At this moment Barbie started humming and singing, at least the words she knew.  This, in itself, was not as disturbing as you might think.  What was being  sung was the shock.

“Do, do, do, Heart of Glass” came out of Barbie’s mouth.

“Are you singing…”

“Yeah Abba”, she said cutting me off.

“Um, no.  That’s Blondie.”

“Oh!  Ok well then”, to which she starts redoing Canadian Idol, “Call me, on the line, call me, call me any time.”

“Uh, Blondie again”, I told her.

“Oh, for the love of god.  What the heck does Abba sing then?”

Waterloo“, I said to no response.

Dancing Queen“, I mentioned and no response.

Take a chance on me“, again to a blank stare.

“I don’t know those ones.  Maybe I don’t know an Abba song after all.  Can you sing one?”

So I proceeded to hum Dancing Queen and after about 20 seconds worth Barbie goes “Oh, I know that one”

And then she proceeded to carry on singing Heart of Glass.


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